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All website packages are completely responsive and can be easily accessed by any Internet connected mobile device.

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What is a Standard Web Package?


Standard Web site Package consist of 10 to 15 Web pages including the basic 5 pages, and 5 additional pages that you can choose from that consist of a choice of a photo gallery, blog page, affiliates, audio/video, and shopping pages.

The Standard Web site Package is an ideal way for existing businesses with an existing customer base because it is designed to reach out to customers that already are familiar your business.

In addition to providing customer care new customers will be able to see what you have to offer and join your growing list of satisfied customers. You will have the benefit of the first five basic pages and a shopping cart and the e-commerce payment systems of your choice.


How Can It Help My Business?


A perfect solution for businesses that offer a wide range of products and/or services. We add your Web site to online directories and search engines to increase your traffic as you continuously build on the content that will keep your customers coming back for more. Click below to find out all of the features.


1.Home Page:

1.Home Page:
This page should be an introduction to your website and the products, services, or resources that you offer. It should encourage the user to look through your entire website, as well as result in a prompt call to action if you desire their purchase of your offering. The information should be presented in a clear, cohesive manner, requiring a minimal amount of interpretation, reading, or navigation to facilitate the end result you are seeking.

2.About Us Page:

2.About Us Page:
This page should be used to communicate information about yourself, your team, and the company as a whole. It should provide a history of your organization, your resume and/or educational background, as well as any substantial achievements and awards, and your plans and the direction you intend to take your organization in for the future.

3.Products Page:

3.Products Page:
If you are offering a minimal number of products, each can be listed on this page, which can be displayed via various filters (i.e. price, size, popularity, recently added, etc.). Alternatively, if you offer a large number of products, this page should showcase your catalog of offerings, such that the user may select from a section that appropriate meets their needs. This will be based on a navigational hierarchy that should be prepared by Divine Web Development and delivered to you with all other content.

4.Services Page:

4.Services Page:
This page will communicate to your visitors the precise services that you offer, as well as corresponding rates for the provision of these services if standard pricing exists. Alternatively, you will request a call from action by the user to contact you for further information on your services or the specific service desired from this section.


This page will showcase your work in the various service areas you have identified on the Services Page. The works should be separated by type in order for the user to easily and quickly locate the material that is applicable to their needs, reason for visiting your site, and review of the specific service interest they have.


The sitemap is designed to provide your visitors with a quick reference guide to all pages and items available on your website. This is best created by identifying the main navigation button first and then outlining any subsections within that page. Alternatively, you may list the information in alphabetical order. The frequently asked questions page (FAQ) will communicate additional information to your users to address common questions related to the products or services that you offer on your website. It can outline general information regarding the products and/or services, or provide specific instructions, uses, or applications attached to the visitor’s utilization of your products and/or services.

7.Contact Us:

7.Contact Us:
This page should provide complete, up-to-date details as to all methods for your visitors to contact you. Specifically, via telephone, physical address, email address, fax number, contact form, online messenger, cell phone, live chat, or the like.

8. Photo Gallery

Divine Web Development LLC

8. Photo Gallery

Your photos and images require the utmost of exposure. We can take the picture with our digital high speed camera or use pictures that you submit to be added. We then will use state of the art software to edit, enhance and re size them for maximum effectiveness for your Web site.

9. Media Page

Divine Web Development LLC

Divine Web Development LLC

Media Page – Your Media Page will consist of audio and/ or video that you submit or you can have us assist you to create for you. Media is an excellent way to create personalization for clients in a big way. You can create short commercials, seminars, tutorials or full movies that reflect you, your business or organization.

Media connects with clients in a big way and brings your business to the forefront of the technical revolution. The great thing about the media format is that you don’t even have to use your own videos you can find and partner with existing Youtubers that may already have an audience that may revolve around profession. We can facilitate a relationship with existing Youtubers that will build traffic and that will give clients a more rich experience.


Website Creative Process

The Steps in Creating aa Standard Website.

Because there are different type of Landing Pages the creation process may differ depending on your industry. However, the more detail that you place in each step the more likely that you will be able to attract more visitors and recieve more responses from your efforts.



Gathering as much knowledge about your business as possible in order for you to find out how you will position yourself in the marketplace. Research your customer, the needs that they would like to solve and the keywords that your audience would use to find your product/service.



Brainstorming is a method where you devote time thinking of your product/service. Give intense thought to what you are offering and how you would like to present it. Determine the words, pictures or videos that you would like to use to capture your audience.



List all of the information that you have gathered from your research and your brainstorming session. Match the information with the products and services that you are able to offer with your business. Create bulleted lists of the information in its simplest forms in order to be able to create multiple formats in the future.


Create Written Content

Now that you have all of the information that you need you can get started creating the content that you will use for the visitors of your Standard Website to learn more about what you do.  You may also offer a call to action for your visitor can leave contact information or even make a purchase.

How We Assist You With This Process.

It takes time and mental energy to complete all of the steps effectively and each step is very important in order for you to be able to create a unique and positive experience for your visitor. We walk you through all of the steps by interviewing you about your business and its goal.


Collect Images

Your logo and images are criticle for your Landing page so it is important that you collect all existing logos, images, and illustrations to be used on the website and creating new images if needed. Since this is for designing a Standard Website you only need 35 images max.


Gathering Media

Media is considered any images, illustrations, audio, video that you would like to use for your Standard Website. You may use existing media or create new media that will highlight your product and service.


Standard Website Design

Putting together all of the collected text, images, audio and video files to create your unique Standard Website design. We present 3 designs for you to choose from depending on the type of Standard Website that you choose. Finalizing the call to action and linking it with an email client so you can manage your contacts.


Launching Your Standard Website

Now that we have collected and organized all of the submitted information. We can get started selecting your final design and launching your Standard Website. Once your Standard Website is uploaded we begin the process of incorporating it into your marketing plan.

About Us

Divine Web Development is an creative website development, design and graphic art company. Our culture is rooted in a deep purpose, solid values, and a philosophy of success. Our mission is to make your website work for you and empower you to succed in this ever changing technological landscape.

What We Do

Divine Web Development offers fully integrated responsive website design, mobile apps and hosting services. Divine Web Development is the premiere website design solution for your growing business. Our website design solutions are individually customized to suit the clients’ business model. Each of our sites offer simple web-based site administration that can be easily update as needed. Working with you, we layout and create single page to multilevel page websites.

Our Focus

Our services are focused towards assisting our clients in developing long lasting relationships with their customers, not just digital storefronts. We start with building an understanding of our clients, their customers and their needs. Because we always put strategy before execution. Creativity is our business, our passion, our calling, and our expertise. This is what we love to do!

We Specialize

We specialize in HTML 5, CSS3, WordPress,PHP & SQL, jQuery, and JavaScript for new Web site designs. CMS design makes it easy to launch a Web site of any kind. Whether you want a brochure site or you are building a large online community WordPress allow you to deploy a new site and add extra functionality as you need it. The hundreds of available extensions will help to expand your site and allow you to deliver new services that extend your reach into the Internet. The one thing about a Web site, it always changes! WordPress make it easy to add articles, content, images, videos, and more.,

You have a vision and a goal to put your message online in order to make an impact. Here you will find the knowledge and tools that you need to make your vision a reality. We specialize in assisting individuals, businesses and organizations with building dynamic interactive responsive eCommerce websites.


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