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What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is one page that provides your online visitors with all of the basic information about your product or service that they need to complete a call to action.

A call to action is when you provide your visitor with a request to build a relationship such as signing up for a newsletter, join a membership, schedule an appointment or purchase an item.


How Can It Help My Business?

The Landing Page is an excellent investment for your business and do not have the content, time or budget for a complete website.

Creating an informative Landing page will provide your business with the ideal way to build an email list of leads and customers while you build your Basic Website.

An email list of prospective leads is an excellent way to build your client list and to keep your visitors informed.

What goes into a Landing Page?

The Steps in Creating a Landing Page

Because there are different type of Landing Pages the creation process may differ depending on your industry. However, the more detail that you place in each step the more likely that you will be able to attract more visitors and recieve more responses from your efforts.



Gathering as much knowledge about your business as possible in order for you to find out how you will position yourself in the marketplace. Research your customer, the needs that they would like to solve and the keywords that your audience would use to find your product/service.



Brainstorming is a method where you devote time thinking of your product/service. Give intense thought to what you are offering and how you would like to present it. Determine the words, pictures or videos that you would like to use to capture your audience.



List all of the information that you have gathered from your research and your brainstorming session. Match the information with the products and services that you are able to offer with your business. Create bulleted lists of the information in its simplest forms in order to be able to create multiple formats in the future.


Create Written Content

Now that you have all of the information that you need you can get started creating the content that you will use for the visitors of your Landing Page to learn more about what you do.  You may also offer a call to action for your visitor can leave contact information or even make a purchase.

How We Assist You With This Process.

It takes time and mental energy to complete all of the steps effectively and each step is very important in order for you to be able to create a unique and positive experience for your visitor. We walk you through all of the steps by interviewing you about your business and its goal.


Collect Images

Your logo and images are criticle for your Landing page so it is important that you collect all existing logos, images, and illustrations to be used on the website and creating new images if needed. Since this is for designing a Landing Page you only need 5 images max.


Gathering Media

Media is considered any images, illustrations, audio, video that you would like to use for your Landing Page. You may use existing media or create new media that will highlight your product and service.


Landing Page Design

Putting together all of the collected text, images, audio and video files to create your unique Landing Page design. We present 3 designs for you to choose from depending on the type of Landing Page that you choose. Finalizing the call to action and linking it with an email client so you can manage your contacts.


Launching Your Landing Page

Now that we have collected and organized all of the submitted information. We can get started selecting your final design and launching your Landing Page. Once your Landing Page is uploaded we begin the process of incorporating it into your marketing plan.

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