Creating Your Perfect Landing Page

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Landing Page Order Form

The Landing Page Form will ask key questions about your needs and expectations of your page. Your answers will assist us with determining the best tools to help you with reaching your online goals.


The more details about the message that you would like to convey in your landing page the better because it will give us the ability to provide you with solutions that will enable you to be successful with your goals.


Once you have entered your information our team will go to work with finding the best solutions for your landing page. We will provide you with a written proposal within 48 hours detailing how we can provide you with the best service for your business needs.

Creating the perfect landing page for your business is quick and as easy as one, two, three. Once you complete the form below we will review it and provide you with a written proposal and a free one hour professional consultation with no obligation. Follow the 3 simple steps below and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Website Questionnaire
email address
Phone Number
Name of your company
Please enter your position
Please enter your position
Ex.- "inform people of our services" . "attract potential customer" . "get people to call us" . "get people to sign up" ."get people to donate to our cause"
Ex. - (call, email, sign up, visit
Ex. - (blog, events, picture galleries, etc)
Ex - (4-5, home, about us, contact us, our services)
If so, what company? If not, would you like us to host your site?
If so, what company? If not, would you like us to host your site?

Complete the Landing Page questionnaire in order for us to determine the best way to assist you with reaching your website goals.

Contact Information: Please enter the name, company name, address, phone number and email address of the company contact.

Website Goals: Please explain indetal what you would like to accomplish with your Website. (ie. leads, sales, customer service etc.)

Call to Action: What would you like your visitors to do as a result of visiting your website? (ie. Make a purchase, join a membership, sign up for a newsletter. etc)

Functionality: How do you plan to interact with your visitors  (ie. Written content, audio, video, chat, email or other etc)

Amount of Pages: How many pages have you planned to have for your Website? Do you have the text, images audio, or video that you want to use in your pages?  (ie. Written content, audio, video, chat, email or other etc)

Domain Hosting: Do you have an existing webhost or a webhost that you plan to use for this website?

Domain Name: Do you have an existing registered domain name that you would like to use for this website or do you have an idea of what you would like to use for your domain name?

Managing Your website: Websites and blogs need to be maintained in order for them to be effective. Will you be able to do the routine maintenance or do you have someone that you will be using to assist you with the maintenance of your website?

Please enter your name or the name of the person that we should contact about this form.

Complete the Landing Page questionnaire in order for us to determine the best way to assist you with reaching your website goals.

About Us

Divine Web Development is an creative website development, design and graphic art company. Our culture is rooted in a deep purpose, solid values, and a philosophy of success. Our mission is to make your website work for you and empower you to succed in this ever changing technological landscape.

What We Do

Divine Web Development offers fully integrated responsive website design, mobile apps and hosting services. Divine Web Development is the premiere website design solution for your growing business. Our website design solutions are individually customized to suit the clients’ business model. Each of our sites offer simple web-based site administration that can be easily update as needed. Working with you, we layout and create single page to multilevel page websites.

Our Focus

Our services are focused towards assisting our clients in developing long lasting relationships with their customers, not just digital storefronts. We start with building an understanding of our clients, their customers and their needs. Because we always put strategy before execution. Creativity is our business, our passion, our calling, and our expertise. This is what we love to do!

We Specialize

We specialize in HTML 5, CSS3, WordPress,PHP & SQL, jQuery, and JavaScript for new Web site designs. CMS design makes it easy to launch a Web site of any kind. Whether you want a brochure site or you are building a large online community WordPress allow you to deploy a new site and add extra functionality as you need it. The hundreds of available extensions will help to expand your site and allow you to deliver new services that extend your reach into the Internet. The one thing about a Web site, it always changes! WordPress make it easy to add articles, content, images, videos, and more.,