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Starting a Business in Broward County

For many people starting a business can be a scary idea especially if they have limited funding. I’ve realized that this to be especially true if the individual starting the business does not have any prior experience in with running a business. Although it can be scary many people are opening their own business out of necessity. Nowadays have a side hustle is necessary to survive but if you do it right you can not only survive but you can thrive.

is a wonderful place to start a business for anyone that has the skill and discipline to successfully start, manage and grow a business. Many people that have the skills and ability to start a business never do because they do not know the steps to get started. Usually, the people that do not pursue their dreams of owning their own business end up working for someone else while silently wondering what would have happened if they at least tried.

Below I go over the things that are necessary to get started, however, before you venture into your business pursuits take inventory of yourself to see if you are ready.   Completing the paperwork needed to establish a business is pretty straight forward and I have listed them in order for you to be able to complete easily. However, there are other traits within your character that you must possess in order for you to become successful. So before you get start I recommend that you take a look yourself to measure your strengths and weaknesses in order for you to capitalize on your strengths and for you to work on your weaknesses.

Owning your own business requires that you adopt and maintain an entrepreneurs mindset because there will be times that your thinking will much different than the average working person. Take the time to consider if you believe that you are mentally, physically and emotionally ready to go out on your own. I have compiled these tools for you to review as you embark on your business adventure.

Are You Ready to Become a Business Owner?

You can find out if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur by clicking on the links below and reading the articles and quizzes created by the world’s leading small business magazines and Web sites.

The above links should have given you an insight into the entrepreneur mindset and unless you were raised on a home with an successful entrepreneur you will need to adjust your thinking. If you didn’t score high on the previous small business quiz don’t let it stop you from changing your mindset to acquire the skills needed for you to forge ahead with your vision. There are character prerequisites to becoming a business owner that many people don’t understand before they jump into business.Owning a business is s huge responsibility and it is not for everyone and that’s okay but there are many people out there that have the capability and the drive but do not have the access to the things that they need to get started.

Developing an Entrepreneur Mindset

Starting and running a business is serious and it is imperative that you continuously work on yourself and your character in order for you to build your business that will grow and outlast and challenges that you may face. I strongly recommend the following books for anyone that is starting a business or anyone that is currently running a business. The insight that is within the pages of these books will inspire and challenge you to make the improvements needed to operate at the highest level of integrity.

There are millions of books out there that will assist you with your journey but you will not have the time to read all of them. However, there are a few priceless books that are must reads for business owners. I have read the books and they have changed my thinking and helped me to put my vision into perspective. 90% of the business material out today is loosely based on the writings of Napoleon Hill. I have listed a few his books below that have stood the test of time. Just click here to see the people that were affected by the moral and financial philosphophies of Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie. (People influenced by Think and Grow Rich). I strongly recommend that you read a copy of the books that I have listed below. Each books is available in PDF format and audio mp3.

1 Think and Grow Rich – Focuses on how to use your thoughts and actions to become rich mentally, spiritually and financially

2. Law of Success – Examines the 17 principles of success that is necessary for you to become a powerful leader in any field.

3. Outwitting The Devil – Provides the knowledge needed to overcome adversity and distractions when pursuing your goal.


Before you open your own business make sure that you are mentally, emotionally and physically stable enough to meet and exceed the challenges. This Web site will be a great help by providing you with tools, resources and advice from business leaders to give you the motivation to keep going when you feel like giving up. Let’s go over the steps to get your business started in Broward County.


      Is the Division of Corporation for the state of Florida you can log and will be able to provide you with a list of things that you need to do at this page (FYI – Starting a Business). When you reach the page you will find a list of things that you have to do in order to set your business up with the state of Florida regarding taxes, fictitious name registration and filing for your business’s corporate status

  • Broward.Org  – You will be able to find all of the information needed to start the type of business that you are planning to open by providing you with the details on how to register your business with Broward County. You will find this Web site very useful in as you begin to grow your business as well. You will also find other resources within the city that you live as well..


  • Small Business Resource Center – Broward County has a collection of links that will give you support in your business pursuits so you don’t have to feel like you’re alone in this journey.  Once you become established please feel free to use these agencies to help you find the tools needed to expand your business.


  • SBDC – Small Business Development of Ft Lauderdale is a team of business professionals that will help you with everything from branding, marketing, advertising and financing. SBDC has helped 1,000’s of people start and operate a successful business and they are here to help you as well. Utilize this resource to gain knowledge about your industry, network and plan your vision effectively.  


Qualities Needed to Get Started in Business

It is pretty easy to start a business but you have to possess certain personal qualities in order to be successful. These are the foundation of success and is critical to success in any field. Everyone will not have all of these qualities but everyone should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and make steps toward becoming stronger in the areas that need work. If you are able to balance these qualities and discipline yourself enough to follow through your success is guaranteed.

Self Discipline A lot of people say that they want to own their own business, however, they never get started or they start and get distracted and give up before they succeed in fulfilling their goals. In order to be your own boss you have to have the self-discipline to work when you don’t really “feel” like working. It is important that you make life changes that will support your goals. Working for yourself is totally different than working for someone else. You have to make your own hours but in order for you to become successful, it will be necessary to work long hours as you build your foundation. You may not be able to make the type of income that you would like in the beginning and you may run into some issues that will challenge your decision of why you went into self-employment in the first place. The stronger your self-discipline the more likely you will be successful.

Ambition – There is a lot of competition out there but if you are ambitious you will be able to beat them every time. Ambition is rare nowadays because people like comfort and ease so pure ambition will out perform skill any day. People make money with many different business ideas and the only thing that separates them from anyone else is their ambition. If you see what you want and you want it bad enough then possessing the ambition to do whatever it is you have to do to reach your goal is priority.

Integrity I’m sure that there are millions of business owners out there that do not have integrity but they have vast monetary success. However if you look into their lives you will find that the money does not really do them much good if they do not have integrity. The word integrity can sum up the characteristic of a person that is honest, fair, and trustworthy. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have without integrity you will not have the confidence and respect from others that you need to lead a successful professional life.

Patience It usually takes a minimum of at least 24 to 36 months for a new business to become established financially. There is no such thing as “get rich quick” in real business and very rare to make a profit within the first year because the money that you make you have to be put back into the business. The top 3 reasons that new businesses fail be because of lack of financing, adequate sales or poor customer service. The reason many people don’t go into business is because it takes time to become established and in the mean time you have to be doing something to earn a living. Usually, people that start new businesses have a job and start up part time until they become established. So it is imperative that you remain patient during the process and not become discouraged or try to take any short cuts to become successful.

Resilience  Whenever you venture out to start to live your dream of having your own business you will be met with resistance and challenges that you will not be able to predict. Once you make the commitment to do it you must decide that you are in it no matter what. of course you will have to make some adjustments along the way and you may have some set backs but you have to maintain your perspective through it all. If you believe in what you are trying to do and your venture is beneficial to everyone involved you will succeed with as you combine the above traits.

Build a Solid Business Plan

Everything in life is about planning and if you have a vision you must plan for it in order for you to see it materialize. If you have never done a business plan the challenge may seem intimidating but there are experts out there that are willing to help you. It is very expensive to have someone write your business plan for you, however now a days you can write the plan yourself. I have always used and recommended Business Plan Pro software because of it’s ease of use and options the software provides. You can learn more about Business Plan Pro by clicking on the link or the banner on the side of the page.

Effective Sales & Marketing Plan

Once you have completed  your business plan it is time for you to implement an effective sales and marketing plan. Advertising and marketing tell your potential customers about your product or service but sales is what drives the income. As a business owner you will find that a loyal customer is more valuable than the money the money they spend  .

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