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Database Marketing

We use MySQL and PHP for your online database

What is Database Marketing ?

(sometimes called a direct marketing campaign)
A database is a list of items that are related to one another. In the case of Database Marketing it is a list of clients or customers that you plan to market your products and services. Database Marketing is the process of collecting a targeted list of customers and creating marketing materials that fit their needs. You can create a database from a list of existing customers or you can create a new database from research that complies data based on a criteria that qualifies each prospect.


How can Database Marketing Help your Business?

A Targeted database is an excellent way to choose your customers based on a criteria. This criteria can be based on whatever perimeters that you set giving you an advantage for several reasons.
1. You can prequalify clients based on age, location, economic status or any other criteria that may assist you with qualifying the best clients for your products or service.


How we can help?

We assist you with database marketing in a step by step process that will provide you with a detailed list of a targeted group of qualified customers based on a criteria of qualifications that make the potential customer an ideal candidate for mutual beneficial and profitable relationships between both parties.

Seven Step Process to get Qualified Leads

1. We research your industry
2. We research your product and service
3. Compile listings of past clients
4. Locate critical information of potential clietns
5. Develop a list of qualified clients
6. Create a plan of action for contacting clients
7. Develop marketing materials for effectively connecting with your client

What is the investment?

The investment for this service is based on the volume of leads and the process of the marketing campaign. We can quote you a more accurate investment in our consultation via online chat, email phone or in person. However for budgeting consideration we can quote a minimum price of $400.00 for the first 25 in the initial database.

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