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All website packages are completely responsive and can be easily accessed by any Internet connected mobile device.

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What is a Basic Web Package?

The Basic web is an excellent way to begin your online presence if you are new to the web or want to just start all over from scratch. Just because it is called basic, it is anything but simple. Your Basic web sites will be a powerful tool to build a following and to create leads. It is an affordable and effective way for a business to go mobile.

How Can It Help My Business?

As a business owner getting customers is the life blood of the business whether it be business to customers or business to business. Having a mobile web site is critical to success in any industry and if you do not have an effective web site you are leaving a lot of money on the table by not serving your current and potential customers that use their mobile device to search and make purchases online.

1. Home Page:

The Home Page is the most important page of the website because it is the first thing that everyone sees when they log on. Remember, people’s attention span is only a few seconds so you have to have something on your home page that captures their attention. First, you have to decide on a picture(s) that is going to represent your message and text that is going to be breif and hard hitting right away..



This page should be an introduction to your website and the products, services, or resources that you offer. It should encourage the user to look through your entire website, as well as result in a prompt call to action if you desire their purchase of your offering. The information should be presented in a clear, cohesive manner, requiring a minimal amount of interpretation, reading, or navigation to facilitate the end result you are seeking.

2. About Us Page

The About Page is the second most important page on your website because it is the page where your visitor will go to lean all about you and your mission.This page should be used to communicate information about yourself, your team, and the company as a whole. It should provide a history of your organization, your resume and/or educational background, as well as any substantial achievements and awards, and your plans and the direction you intend to take your organization in for the future.

3. Products Page:

If you are offering a minimal number of products, each can be listed on this page, which can be displayed via various filters (i.e. price, size, popularity, recently added, etc.). Alternatively, if you offer a large number of products, this page should showcase your catalog of offerings, such that the user may select from a section that appropriate meets their needs. This will be based on a navigational hierarchy that should be prepared by Divine Web Development and delivered to you with all other content.

4. Services Page:

4.Services Page:
This page will communicate to your visitors the precise services that you offer, as well as corresponding rates for the provision of these services if standard pricing exists. Alternatively, you will request a call from action by the user to contact you for further information on your services or the specific service desired from this section.

5. Portfolio:

This page will showcase your work in the various service areas you have identified on the Services Page. The works should be separated by type in order for the user to easily and quickly locate the material that is applicable to their needs, reason for visiting your site, and review of the specific service interest they have.

6. Sitemap/FAQ:

The sitemap is designed to provide your visitors with a quick reference guide to all pages and items available on your website. This is best created by identifying the main navigation button first and then outlining any subsections within that page. Alternatively, you may list the information in alphabetical order. The frequently asked questions page (FAQ) will communicate additional information to your users to address common questions related to the products or services that you offer on your website. It can outline general information regarding the products and/or services, or provide specific instructions, uses, or applications attached to the visitor’s utilization of your products and/or services.

7. Contact Us:

7.Contact Us:
This page should provide complete, up-to-date details as to all methods for your visitors to contact you. Specifically, via telephone, physical address, email address, fax number, contact form, online messenger, cell phone, live chat, or the like.

You have a vision and a goal to put your message online in order to make an impact. Here you will find the knowledge and tools that you need to make your vision a reality. We specialize in assisting individuals, businesses and organizations with building dynamic interactive responsive eCommerce websites.


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