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Basic Website

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Landing Page

The most affordable and effective way to get started building  your online brand.

Standard Web

Empower your  visitors by providing interactivity.

Advanced Web

Provide a safe and secure way to build your ecommerce store.

What is a Basic Website?

A Basic Website is a 7 page site that provides an excellent way for a business or organization to provide detailed information about the features and benefits of their service.  As a step up from the Landing Page the Basic Website has more opportunities for you to build on an existing relationship that you have with your customers. By having multiple pages you have the opportunity to write content that will help you with communicating your knowledge and expertise with the visitors to your website.


The Purpose of a Basic Website

The purpose of the Basic Website is to strengthen the relationship that is created between you and your customers. More pages present more of an opportunity for you to bring your message across to your audience. The Basic Website pages are all you need to establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

What can you do with a Landing Page?

Once you get your domain name and create your Landing Page you can place your domain name on your business cards, brochures and flyers. Place a short form on your Landing Page in order to get your visitor to leave their email address in order for you to contact them in the future. 

Developing Your Brand
  • Create your mission
  • Cultivate your business identity
  • Establish brand logos
  • Before you get started
  • Think about your product or service
  • Brainstorm your methods 
  • Planning your website content
  • Finding related links
  • Add images, audio or video
  • Information pertaining to your business
  • Content related to your profession
  • Images that reflect your business goals
Creating Content
  • Finding related information
  • Sort, organize and outline content
  • Write, re-write and edit content

How Can a Basic Website Help My Business?

1. Providing an online presence – There are many businesses out there that do not have a website and they suffer because they are not attracting or retaining customers that use their computers or mobile devices to do business. Having a landing page gives you an opportunity to reach customers that like to use the Internet to learn about your product or service

2. Cost effective – The Landing page is the most cost effective web presence that you can have for your business if you have a tight marketing budget. If you do not have a following yet it is whise to make the smaller investment until you get your email list large enough to effectively connect with a larger audience.’

3. Build your email list – A Landing Page is an excellent way for you to build an email list from your visitors by having a call to action. The call to action will request your Landing Page’s visitor enter their name and email address in order for you to maintain contact with them. Once you get their email address you automaically get permission to email them more informaiton about your business.

4. Easy to update – A Landing Page is a very simple but powerful online tools used by many large and small businesses. Because the Landing Page is made up of just one page it is much easier to go in and update the information yourself without having to have a designer go in and provide the update.

How Do We Create a Basic Website?

There is a detailed process that we follow whenever we are creating a Landing Page. It is similar to creating a website in the respects that the Landing Page still has to be hosted. Before getting started with the website it is important to brainstorm your ideas and keywords needed for the message that you are trying to convey

  1. Register your domain name
  2. Secure your web hosting
  3. Determine your platform
  4. Gather your images
  5. Collect your content
  6. Build your design
  7. Upload your files

Theses are the first steps to building a powerful Landing Page. Once you have launched your Landing Page you can start to include it in your marketing efforts. The Landing Page will have a call to action which requests the email address of the visitor. Once the email is send the visitor will receive a thank you email automatically.  You call to action is set up based on they type of business that you have. Once you capture your visitors email address there are several things that you can do to maintain a relationship with your visitor.


The Call to Action

One of the main functions of the Landing Page is to get your visitor to take action by entering their email address, completing a survey, making a reservation or making a purchase. The Call to Action is determined by the your goals for your Landing Page and may change as you experiment with the best method to reach your audience. Since the Landing Page is just one page to represent your business the best way to get the most benefit from a Landing Page is to capture your visitors email information and have them opt into your email list. Once you get their email address you can begin to build a relationship with them

Contact Information vs Sale

A Landing Page is an excellent sales tool, however building a relationship with your visitor is much more important than making a sale. If you make a sale that’s wonderful but if you are not able to maintain a consistent relationship with your customer that one sale may be your only sale to them. If you maintain contact with your customer you have the ability to contact with on a regular basis about new products, services and benefits. A well written Landing Page takes both of these things into consideration when making the call to action.