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What is Brainstorming?

  • Brainstorming is the process of focus
  • The act of thinking of one subject
  • Focus with no distractions
  • Consists of disecting a subject

How is is Brainstorming Done?

  • Clearly outlining the goal
  • Collecting all related information
  • Clearly identifying the problem or challenge
  • List all information side by side
  • Trim all unnessesary info and content
  • Choose several options for viable solutions
  • List the pros and cons of using each solution
  • List a realistic time table for the completion
  • Anticipate roadblocks and how to overcome them
  • Gather all of the tools and resources that you need to reach your goal.

These are the basi elements of all brainstorming sessions. The brainstorming process wiill vary depending on your goal and the purpose of the outcome. However each variation of brainstorming has most of the elements contained in the above list. There is no concrete rule that you have to abide by becuase everyone’s goal is different.

Brainstorming can be done alone or with a group of people. If you choose a group to brin storm with make sure that they have a vested interest in the goal in order for them to provide you with a high amount of focus on your brainstorming sessions.



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